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what is fractional marketing leadership?

Fractional leaders will steer and advise your business on a part-time basis to enable you to reach a goal, manage a project when you're busy or improve bench strength on your team during a crisis.   

Working with a marketing leader on a fractional basis means that you can access the best talent your budget can afford to sit alongside your other leaders to help lift marketing performance. 

crisis confidence

marketing leaders can lead business recovery, customer revenue and acquisition or manage communications through challenges

customer advocate

providing your customers with a voice and championing their needs in the Board Room

growth mindset

creating measurement to improve functional performance, customer & revenue growth

high performing team

delivering structure, guidance, and team measurement for critical capability


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An FCMO can assist with a short-term project such as a report to the board, recommendations for team restructure, or hands-on expertise for a campaign for a few days or weeks.  Alternatively, you could consider an FCMO in place of recruiting for a full-time marketing leader for a period of 6mth+ to provide some leadership within your business for marketing, without having to pay a salaried role full time.  This will give you all the benefits of having a marketing leader in the business without having to increase your FTE head count. 

We take you through a matching process to ensure your FCMO has the skills, experience and cultural fit you need to get results the same way as you would through a traditional recruitment process.  We will check in with both you and your FCMO in the initial engagement stages to confirm you both feel able to achieve your desired results. If you decide in the first part of the engagement that you are not a good match, we will rematch you to another FCMO that better meets your needs.

An FCMO can be a great way to get started with some marketing leadership in your small to medium enterprise and is a growing trend for SMEs overseas as a means to increase leadership skills without having to pay for a full time marketing leader in the business.  FCMO can coach more junior members and provide some strategic direction at regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly so you get the benefits of their expertise without ongoing costs. 

We are a NZ Government agency, can we hire an FCMO? 

We are part of the AoG procurement programme in New Zealand and can work with government agencies to help provide marketing leaders and implementers on demand.  Please contact us on 09 475 5992 for more information or email [email protected]

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